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Our Network

  • Susan Fader • Global Strategic Partner

    Susan founded Fader & Associates, a marketing and research consulting company based in New York City in 1988 after working in Tokyo, Japan. She is an experienced strategist, focus group moderator and one-on-one interviewer, with detailed hands-on experience in both qualitative and quantitative research methodology design and implementation. Susan’s background is in account services and research, as well as product management.

  • Earl Wilcox • Strategic Partner

    Earl is the principal of Plannerzone, Inc. He started his career in advertising with a Wall Street Journal property and went on to 8 years in account management at Martin Williams Advertising in Minneapolis. He was a founding partner Lynch Jarvis Jones. In 1993 he started what was to become Plannerzone: a company that provides clients with consumer insights that inform the creative and strategic process. He relocated to Philadelphia in 2008 where he can still be close to his clients and even closer still to a major airport.

  • Lauren Schwed • Stategic Partner

    Lauren started Lauren Schwed Insights and Research in 2002 and has over 12 years experience in consumer research and brand/ strategic planning for global consumer products companies and advertising agencies including Young & Rubicam, Bozell, BBDO and Philip Morris USA. Her background has led to her a thorough understanding of the challenges facing brands and consumers today.

  • Alison Zelen • Innovation and Insights

    Over nearly 20 years, Alison has developed her expertise in consumer insights, brand management, and competitive intelligence. Developing new innovations that lead to successful brands is her passion, continuously demonstrating this through the development of innovative research and Consumer Obsession™ approaches.

Our Network of Partners shares a common vision of consumer research:

  • Strong emotive qualitative research techniques ...
  • Powerful interpretative capability...
  • Creative approach to strategy development...
  • Always grounded in real people’s life experiences.
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